Caudalie – A French Beauty Solution

As any francophile knows, the French own that je ne sais quoi from fashion to raising children.  So, when the founder of Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas announced the debut of her book, I did something I don’t often do and that was to preorder it. Arriving just in time for an upcoming vacation, I devoured each page while en vacances. Going beyond promoting only her products, she touched on the science and history behind cosmetics, the cultural differences between French and American women in their approach to beauty, as well as many home remedies. It is one of those books that can be read more than once and provides a plethora of tips that promote the importance in taking care of one’s skin and health.

While the majority of reviews for her book are positive, sprinkled in are some, which are severely negative. As someone who appreciates understanding cultural differences, especially in something like beauty regimens, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. However, I agree with some reviews in that not all French women are born chic and many other cultures provide the market with worthy products. We of course can’t forget my beloved Poland and their hold on beauty lines. I believe I can vouch for their efficacy as my mom and her mom used creams from our Polonia for years and although they taught me the value of aging gracefully, they retained their youth more than most.

Again, while there are many beautiful products, Caudalie is my go to brand and after reading Mathilde Thomas’ book, I’ve become an even bigger fan.

We’re given only one face and one body in this life, shouldn’t we all assure we give it our utmost attention while not being vain?




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